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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a New Client to the Spa. When should I arrive for my services?

Currently at this time in Phase 2 for the Alberta Relaunch plan we ask that you please arrive on time for your appointment or 5 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment time. A client record form is required for each guest prior to treatment and arriving early will allow time to change as well as relax and enjoy a spa beverage.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

24hr Cancellation notice is required for all spa services. Different policies may apply to larger bookings.
Appointments that are cancelled not in the required notice time will be charged the full amount for the services reserved for the client.

How Far in advance should I book?

For single appointment services we recommend booking 1-2 weeks in advance, although sometimes we are able to accommodate people on the day of depending on availability! Some therapists, stylists and estheticians book up faster than others, if you request a certain staff member to perform your services you may need to book well in advance.  If you would like a package, we recommend reserving two-three weeks ahead, for best availability. For larger group bookings we advise 4-8 weeks in advance.

Can I Pay with a Gift Card on a Month a Massage Purchase?

Gift Cards cannot be used towards Massage a Month cards or for purchasing another Gift Card with a Gift Card.

Are there breaks in large packages for refreshements?

*Package times are approx. Depending on the size of package we allow for 15min breaks between larger bookings to accommodate refreshments and bathroom breaks. We encourage you to sit back and relax between services!

I am pregnant. Can I have a massage? Can I Steam?

Massage therapy is suitable for women who are pregnant. Clients that are pregnant and are interested in a massage are asked to book in for a prenatal massage. A Registered Massage Therapist who has been trained to give massages for expecting mothers to be would be more than happy to accommodate you. While these massages are available to women who are more than 13 weeks pregnant, it is important to mention how far along your pregnancy is when booking.
The Steam Baths are not recommended for pregnant women because the sudden changes in temperature can lead to complications. Please consult your doctor.

Are Alcoholic drinks allowed?

No. We advise strongly against alcohol consumption during any spa experience, as per Alberta Liquor Laws alcohol is strictly forbidden on Spa premises. Management reserves the right to prohibit access to clients who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Can I bring my Child?

We love happy babies! As long as they are quiet, enjoying a nap or just plain hanging out having fun we welcome them at the spa! Please note that you and your cute little munchkin may be asked to leave politely if the baby disrupts other spa patrons from enjoying their services. Children 2 years and up are allowed as long as they are receiving services and are under supervision by a parent. We have set this age limit for a few reasons. We are an adult facility that promotes a tranquil atmosphere and as such do not have facilities that are engaging for young children. Most of our guests (men and women) are dressed in robes for the majority of the time, and as thus may not be appropriate for youths. We do make accommodations from time to time, so please inquire with one of our receptionists and we would be more than happy to discuss!

How do I get reimbursed for my massage therapy sessions?

If you have received amassage by one of our Registered Massage Therapists, upon payment of cash, debit or credit card, you will receive a receipt that you are able to submit to your extended health care plan for reimbursement. This receipt will include the massage therapists name, registration number and the company information. Receipts will only be issued for paying clients. Massage Therapy Services that are paid for by a Gift card can not be issued an insurance receipt as per the NHPC Massage Therapy Association Code of Ethics.

*Please Note

Most of our Registered Massage Therapists are able to issue receipts for all major insurance providers but some are limited with the insurance companies that they are able to provide receipts for. If your health plan requires an insurance receipt from a therapist with over 2200hrs please let our receptionists know to insure that you are placed with a therapist that can issue a receipt for your health benefits plan.

Can I get a copy of lost receipts for my massages?

Every client is given at the time of massage an insurance receipt to claim through their insurance provider. If you would like additional receipts done up for the last year we do have a $50 admin fee to rewrite the receipts for anything over 3 receipts.