Spas aren’t just meant for adults to relax, refresh and de-stress… kids can benefit too from a day at the spa! 

Teach kids good self-care.

- Kids & Teens - 

why we love teaching kids good self-care

Key Benefits

  • Relaxes & Recharges our kids
  • Teaches them to take care of their body, phsycially and mentally
  • Reduces Anxiety & Depression
  • It's fun to do together! Both benefit!
  • Improves Skin for teens
  • Helps kids learn healthy skin habits
  • An 
  • Stimulates cell renewal (new skin)
  • Glowing Skin Improves Self Esteem & Confidence

it's time to teach our kids

Good Self Care

Princess/Prince Pedicure

Treat them to the Ultimate Spa indulgence  at the spa!

The Princess Pedicure includes soaking, cleansing, massage, nail shaping and polish.

Ages 5-12

30-40min - $45

Mini Manicure

Treat them to a Mini Manicure that includes nail shaping and polish.

Ages 2-12

20-30min - $25

Mini Pedicure

Treat them to a Min Pedicure that includes nail shaping and polish.

Ages 2-12

20-30min - $25


Treats oily and impure skins to purify and to re-balance sebum and hydration levels. Good for those who suffer from breakouts.

60min – $110

Teen Facials – available for teens between 10-17 yearsold

For teens struggling with severe acne, a facial every other week or at least once a month may be appropriate. Teens who have some flare-ups can maintain clear, healthy skin with facials three or four times a year. Our estheticians will help guide, teach and inform your teen how to properly care for their skin!

Facials are customized based on your teens skin type! (dry/dehydrated, normal, oily, acne and problematic skin types). Extractions are included if needed.

Facials for Teens – Top 5 Benefits (Bonus One Too!)

1 – Learn Healthy Skin Care Habits
2 – Combat Teenage Acne Flareups Due to Hormonal Changes
3 – Help Teens Learn to Refrain from Picking & Popping
4 – Facials for Teens Keep Skin Clearer and Helping Them Feel More Confident
5 – Facials for Teens Provide Improved Self-Esteem with Immediate Results

BONUS – They DESERVE to relax too!

30min - $60

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