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- Packages for Two- 

why we LOVE Couples Spa Packages and Steam Baths

Steam Bath Benefits

  • Relieves Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Encourages Relaxation
  • Promotes Deep & Restful Sleep
  • Boosts The Immune System
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Removes Toxins From the Body
  • Improves Breathing
  • Improves Skin & Gives A Healthy Glow
  • Aids In Weight Loss
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Relief From Stiff Joints, Muscle Aches & Pains
  • Soothes Sinus & Chest Congestion

Treat yourself and a loved one, friend or family member to a luxurious day at the spa!

Choose any of the specialty packages made for two and feel
Totally Refreshed!

Couples Massages currently at this time are not recommended per the NHPC (governing Massage Therapy Association) as per Covid restrictions. Massages will be in separate rooms but steams can be together. Once restrictions lifted couples massages will be available in the same room.

Packages for Two

REG $131

Includes a Luxury Steam for 2,
followed by 2 – 30 minute Relaxation Massages

REG $271

Includes a Luxury Steam for 2,
followed by 2 – 30 minute Relaxation Massages
2 Spa Pedicures. 

REG $195

Includes a Luxury Steam for 2,
followed by 2 – 1 HR Relaxation Massages

REG $335

Includes a Luxury Steam for 2,
followed by 2 – 1 HR Relaxation Massages
and 2 Spa Pedicures. 

REG $555

Includes a Luxury Steam for 2,
followed by 2 – 1 HR Relaxation Massages,
2 Comfort Zone Facials and 2 Spa Pedicures. 

Packages for Two

Q: What kind of massages are in the packages?

A: All massages are based on relaxation pricing.
Please inquire for costs to upgrade to therapeutic or deep tissue.

Q. How long are the steam baths?

A. The steam rooms are booked for one hour at a time; 45 minutes of steam and 15 minutes to shower and dress. We provide each room with a wash basin to use for a cool water wash. Water, aromatherapy, towels are all included in packages. We offer a selection of aromatherapy oils to choose from to add to the steam. The hostess will apply 4 – 6 drops to the top of the steam head. The steam then rises and the oil evaporates into the air and fills the room.

Q: What should I wear in the steam room?

A: All steam rooms are private suites. Clients can choose to wear a bathing suit, towel or what they feel most comfortable wearing in the steam room.
Do not wear street clothes in the steam rooms. 

Q: I'm expecting, am I allowed to steam?

A. For the safety of mom and baby we do not allow expecting mothers to steam during their pregnancy.

Exposure to hot steam increases a pregnant woman’s body temperature. To try to cool it down again, vessels near the surface of the skin dilate or expand to dissipate excess body heat by sweating. The heart needs to work harder to pump blood to the skin surface faster, which can quickly cause dehydration and be overheating. But the heart is also supplying oxygen to the developing fetus. High heat from a sauna or steam room could place an extreme burden on the mother’s heart and circulation at a time when her heart is already working hard. A pregnant woman with undiagnosed heart disease could quickly be in trouble.


"You guys have an AMAZING team there those receptionist girls are so professional and will go above and beyond for anyone. i had such an amazing experince at your south location yesterday :) thank you again receptionist girls for making me feel so welcomed. You girls are truly perfect for that job. I LOVE TOTALLY REFRESHED!! "

"I LOVE this place. It's one of the things I miss about living in Red Deer. We stop in when we're there. The steam baths are so relaxing!!! "

"Always great staff, from the front to the workers to the cleaning staff you can see it throughout the business. North or south you cant go wrong. "

"My favorite place for massage and steaming. Both north and south locations in Red Deer are great for a relaxing experience. "

"Such a steamy place all full of steamy steam, and steamy goodness relating to steam. Don't come here looking for Chinese steamed buns though cause you won't find them here. Nor will you locate any steamed rice or steamed vegetables. Seems to be only steam baths and steam rooms which is okay by my standards cause that's the type of steam I'm totally into. I give it a seven out of five stars as it is one of my fab places to visit within the whole city and I just love what they do. "

"Clean, well organized, and welcoming. Great experience overall having a steam, massage and pedicure. "

"I had the steam bath and pedicure. It was wonderful!! I went with my husband and we both enjoyed it. I love coming here, it's so relaxing and I enjoy chatting with everyone. They are so friendly and helpful. "

"I love the steam bath and massages. Clean and wonderfully staffed. No complaints, ever. They even have south and north locations for you convenience. The only spa we go to...try them. "

"A gal pal and I booked in for a couples package and the spa went above and beyond our expectations!! The staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and show passion for their jobs. The steam baths are amazing, relaxing and the essential oils are a great start to a real treat! Had an hour long massage which was divine! Would definitely recommend to anyone for a personal treat or girls weekend! "

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