Fromm is a leading marketer of beauty essentials in the professional beauty industry, with an emphasis on cutlery, salon apparel, combs, brushes, and other salon tools. Fromm products are instrumental to hair stylists in making their clients look beautiful. True to this goal, Fromm’s mission is “Finding Better Ways to Create Beauty.”

Since 1907, Fromm has enjoyed an enviable reputation as one of the best companies to do business with in the professional beauty industry. This accolade reflects the company’s high quality standards, fair and ethical business practices, integrated sales and marketing programs, outstanding customer service and profitable product offerings.

For 105 years, Fromm has been a family-owned company—one of the very few in the professional beauty industry with continuing management by a single family. Company headquarters covers more than seventy thousand square feet, quite a change from the early days in a dimly lighted warehouse where the air was filled with the smell of leather being cut, tanned, stained, waxed, softened and smoothed by hand to create razor strops.

Those first products—the razor strops used by barbers and men at home to “renew” the edges of their straight razors—remain in inventory, along with thousands of products that range from shears to combs, capes, clips and much, much more. But today, instead of all work being done by hand, forklifts carry products from aisles of racked inventory to shipping docks. Computers manage the inventory while barcodes and digital labels flash from every package and carton.

For a company to continue to grow and prosper for 105 years takes more than offering great products. It takes strong, ongoing relationships with customers and vendors. Throughout Fromm’s history, strong family leadership and corporate values of honesty, fair business practices and excellent service have guided Fromm’s growth with every sector of the industry.


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