We have been essential oil experts for over a decade, growing our selection to over 100 oils and blends.  All of our oils and blends are 100% therapeutic grade, using no carrier oils or synthetic bases.  Our goal is to make essential oil usage affordable by sourcing the best product available from the most cost-effective regions.

Over the years, we have expanded our product line to include aromatherapy roll-ons, natural body products, carrier oils, floral waters, sanitizers, bug spray, and our own non-toxic, biodegradable household cleaner.

Based out of Lacombe, Alberta, our business has grown organically through local promotions and partnerships with exceptional small business owners.  We have now expanded across Canada, exposing a larger population to affordable aromatherapy.

Why "LucyLoo"?  No, we have no association with the actress.  Lucy is our beautiful angel who passed away at just 5 years old, and we strive to honour her memory every day.


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