OSiS+ Session gives you extreme hold! Perfect for those extreme do’s!
A spray on dry shampoo which adds body, texture, light hold and a fresh scent to your hair.
Osis Blow & Go Express Blow Dry Spray is a luxurious blow drying spray which reduces blow drying time and combats frizz effortlessly. The essential styling aid for sleek and super smooth styles, Blow & Go Express Blow Dry Spray has a non-sticky formula which dramatically reduces the drying time...
Super hold styling aid with control level 3 for maximum style molding and separation.
The next generation of hairspray - super dry, super concentrated, super memory effect can be layered, styled and reworked to perfection! OSiS+'s driest hairspray Super memory effect - for looks that stay in place and still can be reworked Super Concentrated - Polymer concentration in approximately twice as high as...
Instant drying ultra fine, lightweight holding formula that features natural moisturizing ingredients such beeswax and lanolin to protect hair.
For ultra-textured styles clients love (think waves, braids and ponies!), Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+® Session Label Texture Hairspray creates buildable structure and movement for versatile looks. And for second-day hair, this flexible spray provides a light finishing hold with major volume.
This forward-thinking super concentrated gel transforms into a workable film, to shape and fix styles with a dry hair feeling. The rubber-ice texture adds a new dimension to workability and contains crystal rock extract. Makes a great gift for him!
Craft raw, matte textured, disruptive looks with zero greasiness. All the matte texture you want in an easy to mold paste that contains charcoal.
Gritty texturizing clay. The first pliable clay from Schwarzkopf Professional infused with Kaolin Sand for a gritty look, with a rough matte finish. Benefits: Gritty and rough hair feel, Moldable texture, Matte texture, Medium control
Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Play Tough Ultra Strong Waterproof Gel is an ultra-strong and long-lasting gel that gives great definition to the hair. Is flexible whilst styling thus making it easy to achieve your desired style. Has a non-sticky formulation. Both easy to work into the hair and to wash out....
Delievers fast, instant drying with ultra fine, lightweight holding mist. This finishing spray provides long-lasting hold for your hairstyle while keeping your hair protected.
Lasting hold with strong control and natural shine. It has anti-static effects and helps to protect the hair against heat damage during styling.
A super hold hairspray that provides great hold, but also brushes out to allow for re-styling.
OSiS+ Elastic Hair Spray stretches your hair to the limit. Bounce right back with Elastic, the flexible hold hairspray. Silicone copolymers bring a silky suppleness to the hair before and after brushing, creating a natural flexible hold demanded by fashion trends. 
Sparkler Shine provides an instant sparkling shine while detangling and conditioning the hair. Hold level 1 - natural movement and style.
Volume booster spray - texture + instant textured volume + natural movement + weightless and flexible style control. To use: Spray and work into dry hair from 30cm distance. Use in short bursts.
Perfect for moulding with a matt finish (shampoos out easily).
Osis+ Mighty Matte is an ultra–strong matte cream for strong matte looks with extreme hold. Perfect for long–lasting style control, Mighty Matte provides strong texture and separation. To use, simply apply a small amount onto dry hair. Style, create and texturise as desired.
Incredibly light and airy, Whipped Wax has a light soufflé consistency which is enriched with beeswax to deliver a natural shine and enhanced remouldability. Offers a strong hold to keep your style firmly in place throughout the day.
Super hold styling aid with control level 3 for maximum style molding and separation.
Mattifying Powder lets you create styles while providing a lightweight texture and separation. Gives a soft matte effect with light natural style control.