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Brush Hacks from the Pros

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We all have that one friend who owns more makeup brushes than you own shoes. It’s always inspiring to see the stunning makeup looks they create with their bristled-beauties, but if you’re wondering what are the five or so brushes that are must-haves, you’re in the right place.

We gave some of our celebrity makeup artist friends a call to see which of our vegan brushes with animal-free bristles are their favorites. We also got them to spill a few brush hacks.

Keep scrolling to read their secrets.

Brush Hacks from the Pros

The Best Way to Apply Concealer

“To evenly apply a cream concealer, I love using a flat dense brush with medium to short bristles, like a Foundation Brush. Then, I lightly blend the product in with a slightly damp sponge for uniform coverage and a smooth finish.”

–Emily Hache, @emilyhachebeauty

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How to Apply Mineral Powder Foundation

“A long-bristled, flat top brush like The Handi Brush is best for pressed powder mineral foundations. Tap off excess and gently sweep in straight lines down the face, building as needed. Avoid buffing minerals into the skin, which can actually cause the finish to look muddy!”

–Jamie Greenberg, @jamiemakeup

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How to Blend Liquid Foundation

“My favorite brush to use with Liquid Minerals is the Kabuki Brush – It blends effortlessly. Once I have the desired coverage, I wipe off any excess foundation left on the brush and use it to [blend the foundation into] the skin, using circular motions to create a flawless finish.”

–Paige Padgett, @paigepadget

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Get the Perfect Rosy Glow

“For a natural rosy glow that appears to come from within, I like to use InTouch Cream Blush. Using a Dome Brush, swipe the end of the brush back and forth over the cream product. Apply in circular motions over the apples of your cheeks. The bristles of a Dome Brush are perfect for creating a diffused look, doing all the blending work for you.”

–Katie Mellinger, @ktmell

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The Right Brush for Graphic Eyeliner

“I’ve been asked to do lots of graphic liner looks from my clients lately, and an Angle Liner/Brow Brush is perfect to achieve those 45 degree angle, sharp wings. Not to mention, I can also double it as an eyebrow brush.”
–Min Min Ma, @minminmadotcom

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Best Brushes for a Natural Contour

“For an effortless contour, less is more. Always start by applying a small amount of your darker shade with an angled brush, like the Blending / Contouring Brush, and blend well. Then, use a Fan Brush to diffuse your highlight shade for soft, glowy cheeks.”

–Azra Red, @azraredmakeup

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